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Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny Panel: Repairs Satisfaction

Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny Panel: Repairs Satisfaction

As part of our aim to help regenerate neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for our communities to thrive, we work closely with residents to shape our priorities together including through our Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny panels.

On Wednesday 2nd February 2022, our Repairs Satisfaction Scrutiny Panel met for the last time to discuss the final recommendations for the report including those made by the Chief Executive’s department and decide on any additional recommendations.

The final recommendations included:

  • making sure surveys are sent at the correct time in the repairs journey so customers aren’t asked to rate their repair before it has been completed
  • exploring the possibility of including the repair type, completion date, and trade to enable customers to identify which repair the survey relates to
  • advising customers they will receive a separate survey for each element of repair (where more than one trade completed the job)
  • looking at other methods of completing satisfaction surveys, e.g. digital/email
  • providing and publishing results to show how customer satisfaction feedback leads to improvements
  • where dissatisfaction is highest, investigate further to see if it relates to needing more training, more time per appointment, or better access to parts.

The full published notes from the meeting can be viewed here

Our Chief Executives Department then worked on the final full report which can be accessed here

The recommendations will be forwarded to the Board along with a response from managers and will also be presented to the Risk and Audit committee.

Please check our Rewards website  for details of this year’s scrutiny panel recruitment survey.