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You Said, We Did: Tenant Satisfaction Measures

You Said, We Did: Tenant Satisfaction Measures

The Regulator of Social Housing has been seeking views on its proposals for tenant satisfaction measures. These are part of implementing changes to consumer regulation set out in the Government’s ‘The Charter for Social Housing Residents: Social Housing White Paper’.

The consultation expires on 03 March 2022 and can be found here

As part of Jigsaw’s response to this consultation, we asked our residents for their views on the proposed tenant satisfaction measures through our Jigsaw Rewards platform with 87 members taking part.

The consultation set out 22 proposed tenant satisfaction measures across the five themes in the White Paper:

  • keeping properties in good repair
  • maintaining building safety
  • effective complaints handling
  • respectful and helpful tenant engagement, and
  • responsible neighbourhood management.

Residents who participated in the consultation are very supportive of the new proposed tenant satisfaction measures and we received some useful feedback as follows:


You Said:

  • There is a need to think about what is classed as a neighbourhood. If an entire estate is managed and owned by Jigsaw Homes then that is acceptable, however a ‘neighbourhood’ in its general sense would include many residents and events outside Jigsaw Homes’ jurisdiction.


  • There are a lot of ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’. It’s important that they do not create too much paperwork as that would take away from the work that needs to be done.  It should not be a box ticking exercise.


  • Jigsaw Homes helps tenants in many ways such as offering counselling services, job training and placements to name a few. These should be recognised.


  • There should be more work done regarding the environment such as tree planting, wildlife, welfare, creating greener spaces and healthier neighbourhoods which should include problems like parking and the impact it has on tenants.


  • There has to be a variety of ways to obtain the information as not everyone is online or uses the phone.

We Did:

We will now feedback to the Regulator of Social Housing with the comments received and overall view for each tenant satisfaction measure.

Our residents’ feedback will now go towards refining the final measures and also allow time for local authorities, housing associations and other social housing providers to prepare for their implementation.