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You Said, We Did: Foodbank Survey

You Said, We Did: Foodbank Survey

Through our Jigsaw Foundation programme, we have provided funding for a number of foodbanks across our regions. In 2020, we donated around £82,000 to foodbanks in Tameside, Oldham, Manchester, Wigan and Netherfield in the Midlands.

We recently ran a survey to seek our Jigsaw Rewards members’ thoughts about foodbank usage and the rising number of households using them.

A total of 256 Jigsaw Rewards members took part and gave their feedback. We asked if people had ever used a foodbank, if so, how many times and whether they still continued to use them.

The results were mixed but indicated that more people were accessing the foodbanks across different locations and that people aged over 55 were accessing them more than young people and families.

You Said:

Out of those who responded, six people under the age of 25 said the were using or had used a foodbank, compared with 67 people aged over 55 who said they had used a foodbank more than five times.

We Did:

This evidence will now enable our Jigsaw Foundation team to approach the foodbanks most widely used by our residents in our areas, and liaise with them about making an application for funding for the new financial year.  This is so we can better support our communities.

The team will also liaise with our Neighbourhood Plans team, so we can focus our approach to food poverty in a more strategic manner going forward.

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