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Jigsaw Rewards detailed survey feedback – Managing our tenancies

Jigsaw Rewards detailed survey feedback – Managing our tenancies

We are developing a new tenancy policy which will outline how we will continue to manage tenancies.

The way we manage our tenancies is subject to specific legal requirements, however, we asked Jigsaw Rewards members to answer some questions to help us to understand how they feel about some of the ways that we can apply discretion as a landlord.  We had 173 responses to this survey – across the group.

What we learned from the results (findings):

  • 85% of respondents agreed that we should continue to offer ‘only’ periodic tenancies.  A periodic tenancy enables tenants to stay in their property secure in the knowledge that they can remain there as long as they wish – providing they comply with the terms of their tenancy agreement.  This stability is the main reason tenants thought we should continue to only offer this option.
  • The majority of respondents said that the probationary period for Assured Short hold (starter) tenancies should be a minimum of 12 months – and that we should make adequate checks before allowing the tenancy to convert to a fully assured tenancy.  Checks should include, property inspection, paying rent on time, any anti-social behaviour issues.  Some respondents suggested that we should also ask neighbours about the tenants conduct.
  • 81% of respondents felt it was extremely important that we take action on suspected tenancy fraud.

What we will do with the results (outcomes):

  • The results have contributed to our Tenancy Policy which will be rolled out across Jigsaw Group.
  • We will continue to offer periodic tenancies across the majority of our stock.
  • New tenants will continue to complete a probationary starter tenancy of 12 months. We may extend this for a further 6 months. Where we do this we will give the tenant the reasons for our decision and the opportunity to request a review.

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback.  If you would like to take part in surveys like this, join Jigsaw Rewards today!

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