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Jigsaw Rewards – have your say and earn rewards

Jigsaw Rewards – have your say and earn rewards

Jigsaw Rewards is our innovative online tenant engagement programme that encourages our tenants to provide regular feedback on services and plans for the future.

The website ( allows you to take part in as many or as few activities as you like and at a time that is convenient to you. In return, you will receive points which can be exchanged for high-street gift vouchers or credits towards your rent account.  Our members can receive over £100 in vouchers or rent credits each year.

Signing up couldn’t be easier!  Visit and enter your surname and tenancy number (for Adactus, Beech and Chorley customers) or 8 digit payment reference number (for New Charter, Aksa or Gedling customers).

Over 1,600 of our tenants are already members, taking part, earning points and enjoying the benefits.  These include:

  • Receive points for each activity you complete.  The points can be exchanged for rent credits on your account or high-street gift vouchers, e.g. Amazon, Love2Shop, Vue Cinemas, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.
  • Choose your areas of interest, so you have your say about things that matter to you.
  • Choose how you take part.  Complete surveys about our services; send us photos around specific themes; mystery shop or scrutinise our services; make suggestions for improvements.
  • Decide which projects in your community receive funding of up to £25k from Jigsaw Foundation.

With Jigsaw Rewards you are in control and you can do as much or as little as you like.  This is what our existing members said:

Nicola Brookes “I’ve used Jigsaw Rewards/Adactus500 since I become a tenant five years ago. It makes me feel that I am involved with Jigsaw Homes and what they do, and I do like the variety of topics on there.  I have a toddler so when I do get some spare time, I just log on to my phone and complete the questionnaires.  It really is such a no-brainer and an easy way to save.  I am looking to move and hoping to get another property with Jigsaw as I know other providers don’t have this which is ideal for me. I save all my points and exchange them for supermarket vouchers as then I know I can use them for Christmas for food and gifts and then I don’t need to worry about saving up during the year.”

Keith Parry “It’s a win win for me points earn vouchers or rent credits and I can earn the points easily by just filling out the questionnaire when they come via the email link.  I like to save my points up over the year so this year I am thinking as I am in credit with my rent I will get vouchers but having the choice is good, knowing that you have different options.”

Michael Richmond “As a tenant, it is a great benefit to have (vouchers/rent credits) I like to have my say and I think it is great that a housing association wants to know what their customers think about the services and projects they run. It is always good to give back feedback so improvements can be looked at and made. I feel it is essential for a good organisation to do this. I choose Tesco vouchers every time, I give them to my sister as she has son at University so I think she need them more than me.”

Don’t miss out and join today!