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Reporting repairs
Making sure your home is maintained in a good state of repair lies with both you as tenant, and us as your landlord. Your main responsibility is to report repairs quickly to avoid further problems arising.
Repair responsibilities
Jigsaw Group is responsible for the main structure of a property and for repairing items that were part of the premises when a tenancy started. Here you can find a comprehensive breakdown of our responsibilities and yours as a tenant.
Condensation and mould
If you have a condensation problem within your home, you may find that small changes to your household routines can help to improve your living environment. A well ventilated home, free from condensation and mould is a healthy home. If you are struggling with mould build up in your home, please get in touch.
Energy advice
A few simple steps could help you run your home for less as well as producing fewer harmful CO2
emissions. More than half of the energy we use at home is used for heating and hot water.
Gas Safety
As your landlord, we are required by law to carry out a safety check on our gas fittings installed in your home, every year. As a tenant, you too have some responsibilities.

We have set out these responsibilities, tips on how to avoid putting yourself at risk from faulty gas fittings and what you can expect from us.
Safety in your home
If you had a fire tonight, would you know what to do? Be prepared and have an escape plan. One day it could just save your life! Make sure you, and those you live with, know how to escape in the event of a fire. The most important thing to remember if a fire starts in your home is get out, stay out and call 999. You should never try to fight a fire yourself.
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