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You Said We Did: Scrutinise This Website Again

You Said We Did: Scrutinise This Website Again

Resident scrutiny takes place twice a year and involves groups of residents taking a close look at how certain areas of our organisation are being run.  In January 2023, residents were asked for their feedback on our new scrutiny website. You can see the website here:

We used the results of that survey to make a lot of improvements to the website and we wanted to know what people thought about the changes. We asked Jigsaw Rewards members to look over the scrutiny website again and give us some more feedback. 84% of people who had taken part in the original survey said the website had improved following the changes, with the remaining 16% responding neutrally.

You said: 96% of Jigsaw rewards members said they felt a video explaining what scrutiny is would improve the website.

We did: We have now created a video and added it to the website.


You said: Some of the links on the page don’t clearly explain that they take you to a different website.

We did: Added descriptions to these links to explain where they will take you to, if you click on them.


You said: Around half of the people who took part in the survey didn’t know what scrutiny was, but after reading the website, 96% said they now understood.

We did: This reassured us that the website is now easy to understand and doesn’t require any significant changes.


You said: 45% of people who took part in the survey said that after reading the website they were  more likely to take part  in a future scrutiny panel.

We did: We hold two scrutiny panels per year, which people can sign up to take part in via Jigsaw Rewards. We look forward to seeing some new panel members at the next one.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

If you would like to take part in future surveys like this then join Jigsaw Rewards, simply go to our website  to join.

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