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You Said, We Did: Allocations and Lettings Policy Consultation

Through Jigsaw Rewards we have created a platform to allow residents to give us regular feedback on our services and plans for the future. In return for giving this feedback and answering surveys, members receive points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers or credits on your rent account.

We ran an Allocations and Lettings Policy Consultation in June 2021 to seek our members’ views about how to let our homes in future to define and implement our updated policy.

The overall aim of the policy is to ensure that Jigsaw Group’s social housing is allocated fairly, efficiently and with transparency, with legislative and regulatory requirements.

200 Jigsaw Rewards members gave us their feedback, and the results of the survey have proved invaluable in assisting us with updating our 2021-23 Allocations Policy.

You Said:

The five highest Housing Need priorities (the categories of those who have priority for housing) were:

  1. Assisting those suffering with domestic abuse
  2. Assisting the local authority with homelessness in the area
  3. Assisting ex armed forces personnel with suitable homes
  4. Moving for medical purposes (adapted or level access housing)
  5. Moving into first tenancies (from family home or currently staying with family/friends)

We Did:

We have now incorporated these priorities within our updated Banding Framework and Banding Ratios policy.

The percentage ratio for each band has been adopted to ensure commitment by the Group to rehouse those in highest housing need while operating a mixed approach to allocations for both Jigsaw Direct and Jigsaw Allocations (Tameside).

We will monitor performance against these band percentages and make targeted allocations if needed.


You said:

83% would support the expansion of a service called  ‘Jigsaw Direct’; allocating homes on a first come, first served basis to a person with a housing need to make allocating transparent, fair and efficient.

We Did:

We will allocate up to 50% of our available homes to rent directly on a first come, first served basis to a person in housing need. The exact percentage is dependent on the nominations commitment in each local authority and allocations available.


You Said:

57% of our Jigsaw Rewards members felt that we should give high priority to introducing a Rightsizing service (which is to match someone who is over-crowded with one who is under-occupying their home).

We Did:

Mutual exchanges between two or more partners are a flexible and cost effective way for tenants to be proactive in addressing their own housing need.

We will actively promote this option to residents who are seeking an alternative home.