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Scrutiny Panel: Damp and Mould

Scrutiny Panel: Damp and Mould

We work together with residents to shape our priorities through an active consultation process via Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny panel.

Following their first meeting in April, our Resident Scrutiny Panel on Damp and Mould will meet again on Wednesday 14 June. The panel chose to focus on the following key areas:

  • The advice given to residents around damp and mould
  • The role of Gas Technicians and Connect in reporting and assessing damp and mould
  • Damp and mould in newly built and newly let properties

Our Internal Audit Team has been looking into these issues on behalf of the panel and will report their findings at the meeting on 14 June.

As a group, Jigsaw creates new and exciting opportunities for residents as part of our plan to help regenerate neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for our communities to thrive. We work closely with residents to shape our priorities together.

You can find out more about what’s involved in being part of scrutiny panel here:

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