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Jigsaw Foundation grants £25,000 to local food banks

The Jigsaw Foundation team has been working hard to provide funding for the food banks which operate in our areas. At this moment in time there is nothing more important than looking after our communities and our tenants.

The food banks and charities that Jigsaw Foundation has funded work tirelessly and are literally a lifeline to our communities.
The following projects have received funding so far:

Mossley Food Bank – Mossley, Millbrook and Carrbrook

Mossley Food Bank has been granted £2,000 to support them in buying provisions.

The food bank is currently supporting residents within the Mossley area with food packages but with the help of additional funding it will now be able to extend this out to the Millbrook and Carrbrook areas.

The group is situated in the Mossley Youth base which is in the heart of the Micklehurst Neighbourhood and is also on the bus route and walking distance from both Carrbrook and Millbrook.

Dukinfield Pantry – Dukinfield, Denton, Hyde and Ashton Central

Dukinfield Pantry has been granted £3,000. The Pantry has been operating for over three years, based in the Jigsaw Dukinfield Central Neighbourhood. They support residents in Dukinfield, Denton, Hyde and Ashton Central.

Because of social distancing measures they have had to change the way they support the community and have now opened the pantry up as a food provision service that gives out parcels at no cost. They are no longer charging for the food parcels as they are not able to allow people to select the food items they want. They are providing food parcels containing standard contents to anyone who needs one.

They have six volunteers who work hard to get the food parcelled up. The food they distribute comes from Fareshare (The UK’s national network of food redistributors, redistributing surplus food).

Fur Clempt – Wigan

Fur Clempt is a food waste charity and has received £2,000 from Jigsaw Foundation. They collect donated food and distribute it to vulnerable people in the Wigan area. Normally they have a small charge for each hamper and the contents are worth £30. They also work with The Brick charity in Wigan for whom they supply daytime and evening food for homeless people.

Their current work has been suspended and they are working with partners including Wigan Council to distribute food hampers free of charge to those in need in the area. They are collecting food and delivering this to families in need. They are currently delivering approximately 50 hampers a day.

The Bridge – Leigh

The Bridge is a non-profit registered charity with a community cafe and food market. They have been granted £1,000 from the Jigsaw Foundation. They normally source food that would usually go to waste and they cook it into meals which they serve to anyone and everyone in the community cafe. The food they collect which is not used for meals is offered in their Food market to members of the Leigh community struggling to make ends meet through debt, illness or low income.

At the moment they have had to close all the regular services and are currently delivering food hampers and offering support to anyone in need in the community. They will continue to provide this service for as long as they have funding and we are proud to support them at this difficult time.

Action Together – Tameside 

Action Together has received £5,000 from Jigsaw Foundation as they are co-ordinating the Tameside emergency community response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The money will go to local groups and charities in Tameside to help them continue to provide vital support. Donations will help to provide telephone advice, support and companionship for older people to prevent them from feeling isolated during self-isolation, or it could help a local food bank or community group to support local people.

Arnold Food Bank – Gedling

The Arnold Food Bank has been granted £1,000 from the Jigsaw Foundation fund. They opened in 2012 and are based within the Arnold and Daybrook Neighbourhood in Gedling, Nottingham. The food bank works using a voucher referral system and they work with several agencies including Citizens Advice, Children’s Centres and Health Visitors.

The food bank is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1:30-3pm with Tuesdays and Thursdays now being used to prepare food parcels.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the food bank is now also doing home deliveries on top of these opening hours and is also supporting Gedling Council.

Prior to social distancing measures being introduced, on average the food bank supported 90 households each week, equating to approximately 270 people. This number has now increased due to the current crisis with extra support being required by more households in the area.

They will use the funding to purchase food provisions from Fareshare and fresh produce when and where available. It would also enable them to purchase another fridge/freezer in which to store items.

Living Waters Storehouse

Living Waters Storehouse has received £4,000 from the Jigsaw Foundation. The Storehouse is a food bank providing emergency food for people in crisis and need within the Chorley district. The food bank is run by volunteers mainly from Living Waters Church. Food is donated by most of the churches in Chorley, supermarkets, businesses, schools and various groups and individuals.

They normally have an open cafe where anyone can call in for a hot meal. They are closed at present but are still feeding people at the door, allowing them to call and take away hot food.

They are also delivering food hampers. Last year in March they gave out 160 hampers. This year the number has increased already to 303 in March and rising each week due to the increased demand.

Demand on their services is at an all-time high and we are proud to be able to support them at this difficult time.

Oldham Food Bank

The Oldham Food Bank was established in 2012 and is located in Oldham Town Centre. They have been granted £2,000 from the Jigsaw Foundation.

Jigsaw Group has 581 properties across Oldham which are managed by Aksa Homes. These properties are predominantly family households.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak they have set up four extra emergency hubs within the Oldham area which are open seven days a week between 11-2pm and are also carrying out a delivery service in partnership with Oldham Council and Action Together.

The food bank relies on donations from supermarkets and will use the funding to set up supply chains/networks. Although the food bank has been sustainable for many years, concerns are now being raised due to the increase in demand that the pandemic cause as more local residents are forced to claim Universal Credit. The donation will hopefully help support them through this difficult time.