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Jigsaw Foundation – funding helps healthy living in Stalybridge

Jigsaw Foundation – funding helps healthy living in Stalybridge

Jigsaw Foundation has awarded Stalybridge Celtic Foundation £26,197.50 to deliver projects within the Hague, Ridgehill and Central Stalybridge neighbourhoods. It will help improve the health and lifestyles of people in isolation and of people with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

The funding will provide football-based community projects throughout the year for all aspects of the community. This will include men, women and children of all ages. Activities will include walking football, disability sessions, school holiday coaching courses , a get fit challenge (NHS based), sporting memories group for people with dementia and match day visits for mascots and ball boys.

Find out more about Stalybridge Celtic Foundation here:

Jigsaw Foundation supports Jigsaw Group’s vision of ‘We want everyone to live successfully in a home they can afford’ and mission of ‘Creating homes. Building lives.’

Jigsaw Foundation works alongside Jigsaw Rewards to give tenants the opportunity to have their say in which community projects should receive funding. This is done through a voting system. If you want to be involved in Jigsaw Rewards, register here.

Your feedback on this and other services will earn you points which can be exchanged for rent credit or vouchers.

If you think a project in your area could benefit from Jigsaw Foundation’s funding, contact the team at: