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You Said, We Did: Residents Have Their Say on Our Tenants Annual Report

You Said, We Did: Residents Have Their Say on Our Tenants Annual Report

Residents have been given the chance to tell us what they want to see in our Tenants Annual Report, and how they would like this information to be shared with others.

Residents voted via Jigsaw Rewards on what information should be included in the annual report which is a summary of our performance throughout the year. Out of 200 people asked, 189 submitted their preferences.

Overwhelmingly, repairs and improvements to our properties came top of the list. 93 residents wanted to know how satisfied our tenants are with their repairs. 70 said they would like to see repair completion rates and what improvement work we have completed on our properties.

A further 64 residents wanted to hear about satisfaction in handling anti-social behaviour cases as well as the number of cases dealt with.

Also on the list was an update on properties meeting the decent homes standard, as well as our Neighbourhood Plans progress, dealing with complaints, number of empty homes and how many new homes we have built.

Head of neighbourhoods, Sue Cox said: “It’s always good to get feedback from our residents on what they would like to read about. Repairs are traditionally top of the list, as is anti-social behaviour. It was interesting to note that quite a few were keen to know about the decent homes standard, so we will now be including that when we compile the annual report.”

The report is set to be published in October 2021.