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Jigsaw Rewards – first Scrutiny meeting of 2019

Jigsaw Rewards – first Scrutiny meeting of 2019

As a group, Jigsaw creates new and exciting opportunities for residents.  In addition to building, renovating and managing affordable homes for rent and sale, we help regenerate neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for our communities to thrive, working closely with residents to shape our priorities together.

Scrutiny and Jigsaw Rewards have given our residents a genuine opportunity to have their say through an active consultation process.

Thank you to our Jigsaw Rewards panel who attended the first Scrutiny meeting of the year on 19 June at our office in Ashton-under-Lyne. Nine residents came from across the North West to share their views and agree the scope of the group-wide scrutiny exercise. Our residents chose the topic: ‘Connect: Lost Calls and Enquiries Resolved at First Contact.’

The main purpose of the scoping meeting was to give the Scrutiny panel members the opportunity to decide which areas they would like the investigation to focus on. Residents chose to look at the following key areas:

  • Training
  • Complaints
  • Statistics
  • Out of Hours Service

Our Chief Executive’s Department will now gather evidence based on the detailed scope set out by tenants.  We will also be conducting a Jigsaw Rewards survey to find out the views of residents.  The scrutiny panel will meet again in later in July to scrutinise these findings.

Jigsaw Group will make sure that the “you said, we did” approach is beneficial to both parties and we will always publish our results so residents can be kept up-to-date about how Scrutiny is progressing.

You can read the Scrutiny report here: CONNECT Scrutiny Report July 2019