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Jigsaw Launches its Corporate Plan; the ‘Blueprint for our Future’

Jigsaw Launches its Corporate Plan; the ‘Blueprint for our Future’

We have launched our Corporate Plan, looking at how the Group will adapt to a changing and challenging operating environment and a range of projects that will be undertaken during the coming years to fulfil our mission of ‘Creating Homes. Building Lives.’

It was developed with the help of ‘Jigsaw Conversation’, a consultation exercise launched during 2020, to look in more detail at our future direction and to reassess the difference we would be able to make to the world around us.

The aim of this work was to align our plans with the priorities of our residents, colleagues and board members and to better understand the issues our key stakeholders felt we could do more to tackle.

Clear themes were identified that we will now look to deliver around:

Building safety – continuing to make our homes safe places to live in.

Our homes and spaces – reducing our carbon footprint and improving our existing homes and green spaces.

Our tenancy offer – looking at the types of homes we offer, improving our estates and offering more support for the mental well-being of our residents.

Our future development product – looking at how we can work to create more sustainable and energy efficient homes in the future.

Details of our plan, the ‘Blueprint for our Future’, and our aims for the next few years can be found here. We look forward to delivering this and together making a real difference to the housing sector and for our current and future customers.