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Customer feedback – January to March 2021

Customer feedback – January to March 2021

We use customer feedback to help us to learn and understand areas where we are delivering services well and areas where we can improve.

We have also started delivering our satisfaction surveys to include classification options so residents can quickly tell us the main reason for their score.  The additional comments are really important to us and will help us to understand the key areas we need to work on.

Formal Complaints
Between January and March 2021 (Quarter 4) we have investigated 21 complaints through our formal complaints process.

Complaint investigations this quarter mainly relate to repair and property maintenance service delivery and the time taken to fully resolve issues being reported. In cases where formal investigations highlight service failure or partial service failure, appropriate remedies are applied and learning is shared with senior managers to consider as part of continual service improvement planning.

Complaints (Formal investigations) Q4: Jan – Mar 2021
Jigsaw Homes North 21
Jigsaw Homes Midlands 0


Complaints by Department
(Q4: Jan – Mar 2021)
Lettings 1
Repairs – Damp Condensation 3
Environmental 1
Repairs – Heating/Gas 3
Repairs – Joinery 1
Repairs – Roofing 1
Repairs – Plumbing 2
Repairs – Other 1
Neighbourhoods – ASB 1
Neighbourhoods – Other 4
Development – New Builds 3


Complaints (Outcome) Q4 – Jan – Mar 2021
No Service Failure 9
Service Failure 6
Partial Service Failure 6


Housing Ombudsman Service
We received one determination from the Housing Ombudsman Service during the quarter period – January to March 2021.

Case A ‐ Complaint regarding handling of anti-social behaviour matters.

Service failure was identified. The Housing Ombudsman determined that we could have used an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) with the reported neighbour. Order: £200 compensation and contact made with complainant to discuss any current incidents.