Jigsaw Rewards Prize Draw FAQs

Jigsaw Rewards is an exciting opportunity for Jigsaw Homes residents to give us regular feedback on our services and plans for the future. In return, you receive points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers or credits on your rent account.

Complete a survey between 02 Jan 2024 and 31 March 2024 to be entered in to our FREE PRIZE DRAW TO WIN AN APPLE iPAD (10.2 Inch 64GB) or one of our top prizes! Click here to sign in or register with Rewards. (T&Cs apply)

Prize Draw FAQs

Q) How will I know if I have been entered into the prize draw?
A) If you have completed any surveys on Jigsaw Rewards between 02.01.2024 and 31.03.2024, and the status of that survey is not declined,  you will be automatically entered into the prize draw. There is no need to contact us to confirm your participation, only prize draw winners will be contacted. You can check the status (i.e. approved, declined, pending) of any completed surveys on the  Jigsaw Rewards website once you have logged in to your account.

Q) I’m already a Jigsaw Rewards member, can I still enter the competition?
A) Yes, the draw is open to new and existing members., simply complete one survey between 02.01.2024 and 31.03.2024, to be entered into the prize draw. Please note: only responses which are approved count.

Q) What is an approved survey response?
A) This just means that we’ve checked your survey response and approved the Jigsaw Rewards points for taking part. We nearly always approve survey responses, it doesn’t matter if your feedback is positive or negative, but you must always follow the survey instructions and never use offensive language. It usually takes up to 28 days from a survey closing for the points to be approved, but we will make that we check all relevant surveys in time for the prize draw.

Q) Can I enter the competition more than once?
A) No, entries are strictly limited to one entry per household and you will only receive one entry into the prize draw, however, you can complete more than one Jigsaw Rewards survey to collect more Jigsaw Rewards points.

Q) When will the winners be announced?
A) The prize draw for all three prizes will be performed by the Jigsaw Group Marketing Department between 14.04.2024 and 14.05.2024 and the winner will be announced imminently.

Q) How quickly will I receive my prize?
A) Please allow up to 45 days for delivery of the prizes, although the Promoter will endeavour to send these out within 21 calendar days of being announced.

Q) How will the winners be informed?
A) All winners will be notified by email and or telephone and will be displayed on the Group’s digital platforms (Website, social media etc.) in accordance with the Jigsaw Group privacy statement.

Please click here for more information about the Prize Draw terms and conditions.